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Commercial Zoning

Land use and zoning regulations govern the regulation of the use and development of real estate. These zoning regulations vary region by region and are used by municipalities to manage, control, and direct the development of property within their borders.

In other words, zoning is used by municipalities to control growth and development, minimize over-crowding and reference during land use conflicts. Productive and protective zoning laws are created in the interest of the citizens and guards against over development of land to insure good living and working conditions.

Each municipality has its own classifications terminology. Counties may divide areas into districts such as: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Open Land districts and others. The commercial zoning regulations are designed to govern the location, intensity, use and method of development for business and commercial uses serving that region. Zoning regulations are usually crafted to provide for groupings of business and commercial uses that are compatible with the type of product/service sold. Here is an example from the Cook County of IL:

Cook County, Illinois – Zoning Districts

  • Residential Districts
  • Commercial Districts
    • C-1Restricted Business District
    • C-2 Restricted Office District
    • C-3 General Service District
    • C-4 General Commercial District
    • C-5 Commercial Transition District
    • C-6 Automotive Service District
    • C-7 Office/Research Park District
    • C-8 Intensive Commercial District
  • Industrial DistrictsPublic and Open Land District
As apparent in the table, commercial zoning usually has several categories depending on the use of the property whether it is office buildings, shopping malls, nightclubs, warehouses, technology, hotels, apartment complexes or others.

Zoning analysis is recommend for most buyers of commercial properties to conduct a complete zoning due diligence before buying a property. Our staff is available to assist in zoning research and due diligence PZR® being the oldest zoning research company we have good relationships with municipal zoning offices in almost all states of USA. Zoning due diligence can be a tedious/frustrating process for buyers – but we can make it easy for you. Please visit our zoning services page to get a complete list of our services or call us and we will be happy to help you.
The Planning & Zoning Resource Company
America"s Leading Zoning Consultant
1300 South Meridian Avenue, Suite 400, Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Call Toll-Free: (800) 344-2944
Canada: (405) 840-4344 x4475
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