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New Jersey County Planning and Zoning Resources

For your reference, PZR® has created this list of all NJ County Department of Planning and Land Use websites. In most cases you will be able to get zoning and land use related information using these resources. Zoning and land use laws are changing all the time. If your current or future commercial property is in New Jersey, then these will serve as a great resource for all zoning related laws, forms and processes.
  1. Bergen country (Bergen country Planning and Zoning)
  2. Burlington County (Burlington County Planning board)
  3. Camden County (Camden County Planning divison)
  4. Cape May County (Cape May County planning department)
  5. Cumberland County
    (Cumberland County Planning and development)
  6. Essex County (Essex County land use and Zoning law)
  7. Gloucester County (Gloucester County Community Planning board)
  8. Hudson County (Hudson County division of Planning)
  9. Hunterdon County (Hunterdon County Planning board)
  10. Mercer County (Mercer County Planning division)
  11. Middlesex County (Middlesex County Planning board)
  12. Monmouth County (Monmouth County Planning board)
  13. Morris (Morris County Planning and Development)
  14. Ocean County (Ocean County Department of Planning)
  15. Passaic County
    (Passaic County Planning and economic Development)
  16. Salem County (Salem County Planning Board)
  17. Somerset County (Somerset County Planning Division)
  18. Sussex County (Sussex County Planning Division)
  19. Union County (Division Of Planning and Community Development)
  20. Warren County (Warren County Planning Department)
  21. Atlantic County (Department of Regional Planning and Development)
As you see some counties do not have a zoning section on their websites. Researching zoning reports and zoning information can be a time consuming and tedious processes for businesses. PZR® has helped many clients doing business in the state of New Jersey with all their Zoning Due Diligence and Zoning Reports. We have been involved in zoning due diligence for the following types of commercial real estate transactions.
  • Multi family
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • And more
The Planning & Zoning Resource Company
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1300 South Meridian Avenue, Suite 400, Oklahoma City, OK 73108
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