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National Zoning Reports

What separates one zoning company from the other zoning companies? The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation will explain this degree of separation along with core competency. There are many companies which collect zoning documents and operate in a fixed geographical area. Their service is confined to certain defined locations and may also be limited to document acquisition only.

Providing zoning research advice, zoning compliance report and due diligence support is quite different and requires deep expertise with access to multiple nationwide resources. For example, assisting a client with a multi-state multi-location real estate transaction is an extremely complicated project. That's where we come in to help. As the oldest established zoning due diligence company with a library of over 90,000 digitized PZR® Zoning Reports on file, PZR® is well positioned to locate historical building documents for your commercial property and has developed over 20,000 contacts within municipalities across all 50 states in the USA plus Canada for current research as well. Established in 1994, our only business is providing the most accurate zoning information possible along with reliable site zoning analysis and compliance review.

The PZR® Zoning Report is a "Golden Standard" in the zoning industry. PZR® professionally answers your conformance questions for zoning due diligence, title endorsements, analysis and insurance needs while supplying your firm with the supporting documents.

Our other zoning report services are

  • Standard PZR® Zoning Report™ with survey comparison
  • Executive Summary Zoning Report
  • Municipal Document Package
  • Title Insurer's Package
  • Surveyor's Package
  • Providing ALTA Survey Quotes through Smith-Roberts National Corporation
Earlier this year we were one of the first companies to assist with providing and educating the Title Industry on the new ALTA changes effected them. The 2011 ALTA Survey Requirements placed the obligation of providing municipal zoning information for the local land surveyors use to the title insurer. That's when we created the "Title Insurer's Package" as we responded to our customer's needs and wishes.
  • PZR® is a market leader and offers the following advantages:
  • First to Market (Brand Recognition)
  • Most comprehensive report in the industry
  • Outstanding relationship with lending community
  • Approved by both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Sister Company to Smith-Roberts National Corporation (ALTA Land Title Coordination)
  • Years in business (17 years)
  • Excellent Relationship with Local Municipalities across the country.
The Planning & Zoning Resource Company
America"s Leading Zoning Consultant
1300 South Meridian Avenue, Suite 400, Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Call Toll-Free: (800) 344-2944
Canada: (405) 840-4344 x4475
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