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North Carolina Zoning, Planning, Ordinance and Land Use

North Carolina continues to have a business-friendly climate. According to the Chief Executive Magazine, more than 500 CEOs ranked North Carolina the No. 2 Best State for Business. In 2011 Forbes ranked NC as one of the best states for business and careers. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, NC is the ninth wealthiest state in terms of gross domestic product. It has a diverse economy compromising of agriculture, manufacturing finance, technology, research, retail and tourism.

Commercial construction across all sectors continues to be healthy. Zoning analysis is an integral part of commercial real estate transactions. The zoning of a property determines:
  1. What type of structures may be built on the land
  2. Reconstruction and remodeling restrictions
  3. Land use and property use
  4. Compliance status of parking spaces
  5. Compliance status of the property's existing use
If you are planning on investing in commercial real estate, having a complete understanding of local Zoning Ordinances and how it could affect your plans is important. Zoning analysis for commercial properties is performed by planning and zoning firms like the Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation. PZR® will make sure the property is compliant from a zoning and land use perspective. Zoning analysis becomes even more arduous for multi-site and multi-location real estate transactions. A complete and expert zoning analysis and zoning due diligence is required supported by municipal documentation. We have helped clients in multiple types of commercial construction projects such as:

Commercial Property Use in North Carolina

  • Shopping centers
  • Strip centers
  • Industrial parks
  • Warehouses
  • Tenant buildings
  • Office projects
  • Health care parks
  • Condominium projects
  • Data Centers
  • Others
PZR® (The Planning & Zoning Resource Corporation) is America's largest Zoning Analysis Firm. If you are a title insurer, underwriter, buyer, lender, attorney or anyone involved in a commercial real estate transaction, please contact our offices for help on all zoning questions or documents.
The Planning & Zoning Resource Company
America"s Leading Zoning Consultant
1300 South Meridian Avenue, Suite 400, Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Call Toll-Free: (800) 344-2944
Canada: (405) 840-4344 x4475
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