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Michigan Zoning Report and zoning Due Diligence

PZR® has provided thousands of zoning documents, reports and due diligence projects to our clients in the state of Michigan. Our zoning reports have benefited several clients conducting business in Michigan. PZR® knows the area well and has developed relationships with local municipalities over many years.

Michigan is located in the Great Lakes Region and consists of two peninsulas. Some of the major industries include automobiles, agriculture, cereal products, mining, information technology, aerospace, military equipment and furniture. With a diverse economy across the state, municipalities use zoning and planning laws to manage growth in a planned manner.

For your reference PZRV has created a list of the top 18 county zoning and planning websites and resources. Some of the websites have electronic versions of applications and forms such as rezoning applications, land use permits, variance application, county zoning ordinances, zoning amendments, zoning maps, certificates of occupancy and more.

  1. Wayne County (Wayne County Resource Management & Planning)
  2. Oakland County (Oakland County Land Use and Zoning Program)
  3. Macomb County (Macomb County Planning and Economic Development)
  4. Kent County (Kent County Community Development)
  5. Genesee County (Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission)
  6. Washtenaw County (Washtenaw County Community Planning Resources)
  7. Ingham County (Ingham County Economic Development)
  8. Kalamazoo County (Kalamazoo County Department of Planning & Community Development)
  9. Ottawa County (Ottawa County Planning Commissiont)
  10. Saginaw County (Saginaw County Local Planning & Zoning Assistance)
  11. Muskegon County (Muskegon County Government)
  12. St. Clair County (St. Clair Metropolitan Planning Commission)
  13. Berrien (Berrien County Planning Commission)
  14. Jackson County (Jackson County Economic Development)
  15. Livingston County (Livingston County Department of Planning)
  16. Barrow county (Barrow County Planning and Development)
  17. Paulding county (Paulding County, GA - Planning & Zoning Division)
  18. Walton county (Walton County Planning & Development)

As the oldest established zoning due diligence company with a library of over 90,000 digitized PZR Reports® on file, PZR® is well positioned to locate historical building documents for your property and has developed over 20,000 contacts within municipalities across all 50 states in the USA plus Canada for current research as well. Established in 1994, our core business is providing the most accurate zoning information possible along with reliable site zoning analysis and compliance review. Please contact us today and we will be happy to help you with all your zoning needs.

The Planning & Zoning Resource Company
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