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Seattle Zoning Classifications

Being America's largest zoning company and producer of zoning analysis, reports and documents, PZR interacts with municipalities across the United States on a consistent basis. In this article we reference Seattle and its commercial zoning Laws. Seattle's economy is comprised of both "old economy" and "new economy" internet and technology companies. Microsoft,, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Costco, Boeing and more are based out of Seattle. According to Kiplinger, Seattle is one of the 10 best cities for growth and living for the next decade.

Before buying a commercial property in Seattle, it is critical to investigate the Seattle zoning laws in order to discover the property type and the intended use. Buyers must perform thorough zoning due diligence and research to make sure intended use or construction of the property complies with the current Seattle zoning laws.

According to Seattle.Gov , "The purpose of this Land Use Code is to protect and promote public health, safety and general welfare through a set of regulations and procedures for the use of land which are consistent with and implement the City's Comprehensive Plan." Below is a listing of all Seattle's commercial zoning classifications.

  • Commercial 1
  • Commercial 2
  • General Industrial 1
  • General Industrial 2
  • Industrial Buffer
  • Industrial Commercial
  • Downtown Zones The following zones have complex standards that cannot be easily summarized. Please check the Seattle Municipal Code, Chapter 23.49 to find the information appropriate for each region.
  • Downtown Office Core 1 DOC1
  • Downtown Office Core 2 DOC2
  • Downtown Retail Core DRC
  • Downtown Mixed Commercial DMC
  • Downtown Mixed Residential DMR
  • Pioneer Square Mixed PSM
  • International District Mixed IDM
  • International District Residential IDR
  • Downtown Harborfront 1 DH1
  • Downtown Harborfront 2 DH2
  • Pike Market Mixed PMM
  • Residential-Commercial -Allows certain types of commercial uses at the street-level, within structures that contain at least one dwelling unit.
  • Neighborhood Commercial 1
  • Neighborhood Commercial 2
  • Neighborhood Commercial 3
Zoning due diligence and research can be very tedious and complex. Title companies, real estate attorneys, mortgage companies, individuals, property managers and lenders hire The Planning and Zoning Resource Corporation for our expertise, experience, efficiency and reliability in zoning related matters. Please contact PZR® today for answers to commercial zoning questions and hard documents created for commercial projects such as zoning reports, certificates of occupancy and more.
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